About Alto
"Alto! Spanish For Cops" consists of
a compact disk, convenient for study
during your commute to work, and an
indexed booklet with a laminated cover
that's sized to fit in either a front shirt
pocket or a rear pocket notebook.

Designed as a self-teaching exam, the
course contains pauses that encourage
the listener to speak the Spanish
phrase, and then a second pause to
allow the listener to practice perfect
pronunciation. The CD then repeats,
picking up the pace, requiring you to
provide the Spanish when under a little  

The booklet is indexed to allow
officers to look up and practice
specific phrases before
responding to situations like a
knock-and-talk or a field
sobriety test.

The training package includes
specific vocabulary needed for:

Traffic Stops
Field Sobriety Tests
Felony Stops
Use of Force Commands

Knock & Talks
Specialized Vocabulary
 And More...

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