Tactical Spanish
As a twenty eight year  law enforcement
officer with nearly 90 percent
of my arrests involving Hispanics,
usually gang members or drug dealers,
I have learned about officer
performance and the use of Spanish
under stress. Even an officer with a
good deal of Spanish language training
will revert to English when under
stress. Therefore, I have developed a
training program designed to develop
the officer's ability to use Spanish
under stress.

I am a certified instructor in defensive 
tactics, use of force, chemical
weapons, impact weapons, and
dynamic simulations. As a training
officer and field agent, I have learned
that unless practiced under stress, the
wrong language will be used at the
critical moment.

The course which I have 
developed and teach, TACTICAL
SPANISH, takes officers from no
knowledge of
Spanish to using limited Spanish
commands under stress.
appropriate for officers with no
Spanish background and for those
with prior department/university
training because the emphasis is
on scenario simulations using
protective gear and less-than-lethal

all necessary training material
including protective gear and
less-than-lethal rounds. If you or your
department would like more
information, please don't hesitate
to contact me at:


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